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    Unhappy safari dosnt work in panther?
    after i installed panther and cleaned up the mess i made in my pants i found that i am no longer able to use safari, after removing it and downloading it again the installl program tells me that its not compatable with my system wtf??

    any help would be much appreciated


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    I don't have Panther yet, but Im pretty sure there is a specific version of Safari for Panther. You might need to go through software update.. and if it's not there, my guess is that you'll need to delete the receipt for Safari and then try to go through software update..

    Im not familiar with Panther's file system so it might be wise to wait if Software Update doesnt show it there.. wait until someone that does have Panther might be able to help you.

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    i have safari and had no problems with safari after jaguar

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    ok then...
    ok then.../ does anyone know where i can dowload a copy of safari 1.1, i can only find 1.0 and that dosent want to install

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    Safari has worked fine for me so far under Panther. Try this though...

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    You could use this to open the Panther install cd and extract safari:
    It's really a nice program, that will get your Safari back up and running.

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