Hi, I have a 27 inch iMac and I was wondering if it is possible, whilst I have an input running on the display from a Mini Displayport input (my Xbox 360 using a Belfan EA-HCHD converter) to play 'Line-in' audio through the Internal speakers.

The reason I need to do this is because the audio that should run from the Xbox 360 through the Mini Displayport (as this should support audio also) isn't doing so, and so what I have is the XBox's display input when I press 'command + f2' but i have no sound.

To try and resolve this I bought a Toslink to 3.5mm cable that runs from the Xbox into the Line-in on the iMac. I know the cable is working fine as I have tried to use programs like 'LineIn' and 'Audio HiJack Pro' to bypass the Line-in to the speakers... and this works fine - but only in 'OSX Mode' (i.e. not the 'Target Display mode'). Whenever I hit command f2 the audio reverts back to what must be the audio being received through the MiniDisplayPort (in this case no sound).

I have even tried creating keyboard shortcuts to bypass the audio then use these when I am in 'Target Display Mode' but the audio won't change. I thought this seemed strange as I am still able to use the play, pause and skip keys to control my itunes when in Target Display Mode.

Any help would be massively appreciated as I seemed to have tried everything I can think of and I don't want to spend upwards of 100 for a pair of Toslink compatible optical speakers.