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    I have two questions how do I find out what is on my Harddrive? I am trying to find some information but I would like it in plain English. Also if I take my Mac to someone to help me with some problems he told me he will make a back up of my Harddrive first. How do I know he is not retrieving some sensitive info of mine?

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    Question 1 - what secret stuff on your hard drive do you not already know about

    Question 2: He's just being cautious before doing any wok on the drive, and you have just got to ask yourself do you trust the person
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    I am looking for text message files. Can the person access my banking and other business stuff?

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    If you're referring to things like credit card numbers and other personal information, yes, if they're on your hard drive in plain text anyone can read them. Which is a very strong reason why you should never store sensitive and personal information in plain readable text on your computer.

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