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    Unhappy Unable to Connect to Specific Website
    I am having difficulty connecting to the website . I have no problems connecting to this website from other computers, even on the same network. When I change networks but stay on my computer, I still have the problem, so the problem is on this end, not the website.

    When I go to this website, I get an error that says "Google Chrome / Safari / Firefox (whichever I am using) cannot connect to this website, try reloading later." All other websites work. I ran a trace and it said that the host cannot be reached, and pinging didn't work either. I also created a test account to see if my user account was corrupted, but that did not work either. I have cleared all caches, restarted my computer, changed networks, and nothing has worked. Please help!!

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    I'm able to reach that site, but the typical DNS lookup utilities (trace, ping, host) can't, because of sophisticated firewalls.
    Got this from an online lookup:
    There appears to be a firewall at (hop 11) that blocks unwanted UDP packets.

    There appears to be a firewall at (hop 1) that blocks unwanted TCP packets.

    When trying a direct IP address in the browser, I get
    "Please Come Back Later."

    So, my conclusion is that your computer is setup to use a non-current DNS server. You should look in your Network prefs and see if you have a DNS server set - other than your router or your ISP, or some well-known server like Google or Open DNS, etc. And if it isn't - then set one of those up.

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    It's going in there with out issue in Safari 5.0.5.

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    I have openDNS set up, and have safari 5.0.5 installed, and still no luck..

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    Clear your Cache and Cookies.

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    Make sure you don't have a "proxy" enabled in network prefs.
    Try with IPv6 enabled or disabled.

    If no luck, I suggest you start doing some generic troubleshooting, keeping in mind that the last step to try is "reinstall OS X."

    Try booting from your Install DVD, but instead of "Continuing" the install, find Disk Utility in the top Finder menus and use that to repair the hard drive (and repair permissions, too).

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