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    HP Wireless Printer Connection Woes!

    I have a HP 3050 all in one wireless printer connected to my network. My MBP seems to intermittently lose it's connection to the printer. It can work ok for days and then all of a sudden the MBP says the printer is offline even though the printer is working ok and my wifes XP laptop connects fine. It seems I have to reboot the modem/router a number of times until I get lucky with a connection again. This happens a couple of times per week.

    The printer always connects to the network with the same IP address.

    Is there a way to stop this happening or a work around somewhere in the MBP preferences to provide a consistent connection.

    Many Thanks in Advance.

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    Wireless printers (all brands) seem to have more difficulty connecting to the network than computers do. And this is because most of them do not have a very robust receiving antenna. I have found with my Canon that I need to be fairly close to the transmitting station (router) in order to get a constant connection and print reliably.

    Try moving the printer closer to the signal. Or move your router around or perhaps up higher. Like they say in the real estate business: It's location, location, location.

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    Hi chscag,

    Thanks for the reply. My printer is currently positioned next to the modem/router already. I think the printer connection to the network is ok as other windows laptops connect first time everytime. It only seems to be my MBP that loses the connection intermittently.

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