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    May 21, 2011
    Does anyone have any info on preferences:



    They keep being written into user/library/preferences and each time Drive Genius 3 informs me that they are corrupted and need to be deleted.

    They always have unchanged modification dates. I have used
    PlistEditPro, but it does not reveal any info about them.

    Any help,especially info on the application they are linked to, would be appreciated.

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    Welcome to the Mac Forums.

    I noticed you also posted this in the Apple forums. Seems you received some good suggestions there which I agree with. There is something running that creates those plist files, however, if they're not causing any harm to the system ignore them. Just tell Drive Genius to skip over or to ignore the errors.

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    May 21, 2011
    Hi chscag,

    Yes, they were helpful in the Apple forum, but this did not result in finding the relevant apps. They might be benign, probably are, but now I'm just very curious about prefs that appear and yet, from what I've now discovered, this does not relate to any app. activity - that is, anything I'm knowingly using at the time they get written. I guess I'm carrying on trying to find info on them because I'm just very curious about their function.

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