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    Tiger stability in general

    Most of my experience with OS X is with 10.3 (Panther) until I got my PowerBook 12" a couple of weeks back which had/s Tiger. However it has had to go in for repair since the hard drive is being odd, but also Tiger was causing some odd freeze ups and I have never had Panther do that on me. On the odd occasion System 7.1 and 7.5.3 would, OS 8.0 would do it but 8.1 was as stable as System 7. In other words, I used to Macs being ever so reliable.

    Don't get me wrong I love 10.4; the dashboard and spotlight alone make it worthwhile, as well as the Core Image technologies will be useful for the future, and there are probably other things like the RSS feeds in Safari and new version of Mail that I definitely appreciate. However, Tiger has been problematic for me.

    Today I had a customer who had an eMac and for two years it has not crashed once, they installed tiger yesterday all fine, and then it froze up. And will no longer boot I gave them a number of possible fixes but to no avail. They used Panther before, and I think Jaguar too.

    Earlier on this week another customer who also loves Tiger has found it crashes more on his G5 iMac than it did with Panther.

    I'm wondering if there are some things about Tiger that are really not playing ball right on some machines, notably today's customer and myself have classic environment installed.

    How have others found the general stability of Tiger vs. Panther and Jaguar?

    At any rate, what does suck is that this is being typed on a Dell; and how do I miss my PowerBook, how do I miss having a Mac, and dang I am looking forward to work tomorrow when I get back in front of my eMac I love so much (with Panther) :flower:

    You never realise how much you love something until you haven't got it eh!

    However it could just be a bad HD, if they are going to go they tend to fail within the first 2-3 weeks.

    Any insights would be gratefully received.


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    I have not had any problems with the gernal stability of Tiger. Yes every once in a while safari freezes up on me but only on myspace so I can deal with that. I do not have classic environment installed like you say you do. My brother on his powerbook also does not have classic installed (since I controll both computers and what goes on them) and he also does not have any stability problems. So overall I find that tiger is very stable and it could possibly just be your hard drive.
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    I find Tiger generally to be less stable than Panther overall, and it doesn't seem to have improved Panther's flaky areas: System lock-ups are slightly more frequent and things like network drives and server connections still cause the system to wig out.

    Compared to Windows its still bliss though.

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    Haven't had one single freeze or kernel panic since I upgraded to Tiger.
    I had a couple of freezing issues though with the first Panther releases, though since 10.3.4 they were gone.

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    I've had a couple of issues where Safari will close unexpectedly, but I just bring it back up and it runs fine. I haven't managed to freeze my computer yet.
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    I've had no major issues; as far as I'm concerned Tiger is no less or more stable than Panther was. I hope things will improve for the rest of you when Apple releases updates for Tiger; I suggest everyone having issues send in the Crash Reports to Apple if possible.

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    When I first bought tiger and did an Upgrade to Panther on my Mini I was getting a lot of application shut down's. I later did a new install and it's just as stable as Panther ever was. Now with the 10.4.2 update it's even better. Only problem ever is with Safari with a VERY FEW sites that cause it to crash. Other wise totally stable on this end. Never a Kernal Panic either.

    To the OP, if there is a problem with the Hard Drive, I bet that is causing your problems. Make sure and update it when you get it back to 10.4.2.

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    I have experienced maybe a few more random quirks in Tiger than with Panther... But considering the new features in 10.4 and we are only on x.x.2.... It really hasn't bothered me..... It took Panther a few version updates to stabilize too if I remember right.
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    I have had a lot of problems with Tiger, and I am still thinking of going back to OS X 10.3.9. Only today I have had to give up with my BT Voyager USB Modem and my BeWan PCI Broadband modem because Tiger will not play! My Pioneer DVD-RW DVR=107D Burner is occasionally not recognised in System Profiler....but is on iTunes 5!! All sorts of hang-ups and freezes, in short, if you haven't upgraded save your money and wait to see if Jobo gets it right!

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