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    May 19, 2011
    G5 iMac shuts down. Help required
    I seem to have a problem on my 20 inch G5

    On starting the machine I get the apple logo then the spinning wheel. It does not last long before wheel stops and machine closes down. It will start with the OS disk in and then I can go to utilities. I have redone permissions and first aid on the hard disk.

    Last night all seemed OK with me doing 10 shut down and starts with no problem. This morning no joy and would only get to spinning wheel and no further

    I am wondering what the next stage of my endeavours should be.?? AQny suggestions would be gratefully received, except to burn it.

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    If your iMac G5 will start from an OS disk/DVD...but not from the hard drive...the hard drive may be dead or dying.

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    G'day and welcome to the forums.

    Sure sounds like the drive has gone to drive heaven. Do you have everything backed up to an external drive? A little utility named SmartReporter will be able to diagnose the hard drive and advise if all is not wel, if you can get going long enough to download and run.
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    May 19, 2011
    new hard drive

    Yesterday fitted new hard drive. Formatted and put in New Tiger OS. Computer works. Hurrah

    This morning switch on. Apple logo, spinning wheel, computer shuts down. Fourth time of asking it went throught the whole sequence. Now is on and working. Few things on safari like not going through to next link etc but generally it works.



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    Sounds to me like a dying power supply or motherboard.

    I would back up everything you have of value, take the machine into the shop for an estimate, and prepare to get a new(er) computer very soon.

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    Is your iMac G5 the 20" iSight model? Mine started doing that and a new hard drive made it work for a while also then it went right back to shutting down and not booting. Bad caps in the power supply and on the Mainboard.

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