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    Workgroup manager crashes when adding new user
    I have just had two brand new mac os x servers set up for me at the server center, running 10.6.3. My first task was to create two new users. So i load up workgroup manager 10.6 from a remote machine i log in with IP, root and root password. It logs in fine and shows me the user that the server company had added in the installation. So I click add new user and workgroup manager hangs. I leave it for 30 mins and it's still hanging. So i force quit workgroup manager on remote machine. I then open it back up and log back in to server. On doing so i have a new user with name untitled_1 I have to delete this user so i click delete user and this seems to work fine. The same thing is happening on both servers and i tried connecting from two different clients.

    I could work around this and use dscl command to add users but really i want workgroup manager working remotely if possible. dscl would cause a headache later when i have to add ftp users etc. Since the servers are fresh installations i expected this to work. Is there something i am doing wrong? How can i find out the errors?

    Thanks for any info.

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    Are you connecting to the WM via FQDN or IP?

    Try IP.

    Are you running the same version of the Admin Tools as the server is?

    Your Server Tools need to match the server version.

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    Yes i am connecting with IP

    Also i am pretty sure this is the compatible version of server admin tools. I am running MAC OS X Server 10.6.7

    The admin tools i downloaded was 10.6 and according to this article About Server Admin Tools 10.6.7 that should automatically be updated. To be sure i just downloaded and installed the Server Admin Tools 10.6.7 update and it hasn't made any difference. When i click add user in WGM it still crashes and it still creates a user untitled 1 for the next time i open WGM.

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