Just today, I've been trying to install Gadget Trak. That's the only "new" thing I've done. Issue: When in Firefox or Safari I can type a google query, but when the solutions are presented and move the arrow cursor down the list to select the topic I want... the cursor does not select the topic.

I don't see the cursor even.

I can click and click in the dialogue box for a new search, but it acts like there is nothing being selected. When I click on the window it responds by becoming active and I can drag it around. I then drop down to select in the window some text and it is not responsive.

I can use key commands and do Apple + N = new window, then I have a cursor and can type in the search criteria; but again there is no response from the cursor to select the topic of choice.

I hope you understand this issue.

The cursor seems to disconnect in certain modes, but not all.

Is this a known issue? I tried to search here, but didn't find this by my search criteria. Your help is most appreciated.