hey everyone,

I recently received an iBook G3 from a relative a few months ago and it runs annoyingly slow. There are random unworking applications everywhere, random files from the previous owner, and other useless nonsense I could live without. With Windows computers it's so easy to just factory restore a computer when switching owners. But I'm a little confused with this iBook. I have all the CDs that came with it, but all they say OS 9. I don't want to send my iBook back to the stone age. I'm currently running 10.4.11 but I don't want to restore my computer back to OS 9 if I can't upgrade it again to 10.4.11 because I don't have the OS X disks. What are my options here? I'd rather have a factory "new" laptop feel rather than a used bogged down one. Any advice would be great!