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    How long should a macbook take to start
    How long should a macbook take to start?
    Mine used to fully start in about 25 seconds but now it's much slower maybe 1.5 - 2 minutes. Is this about right or how can I speed it up?

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    Well depending on the specs of the machine, how old it is, what OS your running, what applications you have that start on login, how full your hdd is etc it could vary alot.

    Check under System Prefs > Accounts > Login Items and remove anything you don't need/ want to start at login.

    Upgrading RAM if possible could help alot.

    Clearing up space on your HDD could also help if you have not got much space left.

    Updating the OS if not already done could also help.

    Hope some of these ideas help you out

    - Simon

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    In addition to Simon's good advice, perhaps the OP could give us more detail. How old is the MB? What specs of the MB? Free space, RAM, processor, etc. Then we'd have a good idea if that is normal or not.
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    It's impossible to tell what a standard or normal boot time is. Each machine has different configurations of hardware and a different number of processes being started at boot. As for why it's slower now - it would be the software loaded during boot most likely. I wouldn't worry about it unless you start experiencing really abnormal times.
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    Quote Originally Posted by swoosta View Post
    How long should a macbook take to start?
    Mine used to fully start in about 25 seconds but now it's much slower maybe 1.5 - 2 minutes. Is this about right or how can I speed it up?
    My older iMac was starting to take a couple of minutes to start up, and I found that to be somewhat annoying.

    I ran the most sophisticated de-fragmentation routines (you get a choice of several routines, based on how big a hurry you are in) in :

    iDefrag ($30)
    Coriolis Systems :: Products :: iDefrag

    ...and my iMac now starts up and is ready to go in 45 seconds flat, despite the fact that I have several logon programs set and a couple of other programs set to auto-launch.

    But before you resort to trying iDefrag, I recommend that you do some more common routine maintenance first to see if that helps.
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