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    External HDD for backups?
    I am trying to decide what new external HDD to get for the backups for my Macbook running OS X 10.6.

    I have been looking at the Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex 1 Tb jobbie, but am not sure if it will operate with the Mac "Time machine" or "Carbon Copy Cloner" programmes. It has it's own built in backup programme and I wondered what the situation will be if I try using either of the above on it?

    Seagate seem to have a good reputation? Any ideas??
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    I use a FreeAgent. It will work fine. You might have to format it, but then you are good to go. I would recommend formatting it anyway if you are using it with TM (I am guessing you won't have a choice).

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    I use Western Digital Passport 1TB drives. I have one for Time Machine and two for use with SuperDuper!

    Both the drives and SuperDuper! are excellent

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    I have 4Tb's of Lacie quads now and love them. After losing work before on cheaper brands I will never go back to them.

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