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    Time Machine help needed.
    I have a Seagate Free Agent Go Flex desk 500GB that came formatted NTFS windows. Obviously I could not write to it, so I downloaded NTFS 3G. I can now write to the Seagate.
    The issue is that I would like to use time machine to back up my Mini. However, when I turn Time Machine on it doesn't list the Seagate as unavailable destination. Could I have possibly disabled something earlier? Nothing shows up in the list of available destination drives.
    I want to have the Seagate read and write for both PC and Mac, and if I use Paragon it renders Time Machine and Seagate's Memeo useless.
    I'm sure that it's something simple that I've overlooked.

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    Time Machine requires HFS+.

    Either create multiple partitions on the drive and format them accordingly, or buy a second drive.

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