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    May 17, 2011
    os x static symlinks in /Volumes
    Hi. Im new to osx SnowLeopard, but pretty god with linux and stuff in generel.

    I have a linux box (debian 6) that serves as a nfs server.
    My NFS share in etc/exports is../media/RAID5/disk

    I need R/W access from osx to the dataset on the nfs mount here... /Volumes/disk --- I dont what to change much is set up for this location.

    If I create a folder /Volumes/disk and map the nfs here, I don't get write/delete permisisons. Read only!

    I have used drifferent tools to mount. First under disk-tool later with the nfs-manager 3.5. Read only in all tryes.

    If I map the nfs to something like /users/MAC-user/disk it get full access. I geuss my user needs full access to the mountpoint...before the mount..which makes sense.

    If I then create a simpel symlink from /users/MAC-user/disk to /Volumes/disk..and all is well.

    My programes can access the nfs share from /Volumes/"disk" where "disk" is a symlink to /users/MAC-user/disk wich is the nfs mount point ;O)

    BUT..the ##%&& symlink in /Volumes/disk is removed at reboot.

    What can I do drifferent?

    How do I get a static symlinks in /Volumes or how do I get full access to a nfs mountpoint under /Volumes

    Please point me in the right stuck.

    NB: I dont what dumb hacks and scripts that creats new symlinks at boot etc...I woud like to know how this is done correctly! If anyone knows please share ;O)

    Thanks to all who will use 2 min of thir time to give some heads up on this issue.


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    May 17, 2011
    Hi all.
    This did the trick
    Mac OS X: How to automatically connect to a server when you log in

    I had tried with login items..but not like this exactly....

    And afterwards..a hit on the symlink on my desktop with +t...and the disk appeared under..Devises in Finder....great ;O)


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