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    Question Bypassing list/grid function in Dock folders?
    Hey everyone,

    I just started working on a new Macbook and this is my first exposure to 10.6.7 (don't laugh ). I'm trying to get the folder icons I'm used to having in the Dock, but am running into issues. In 10.4, I'd just drag the folder down to the Dock by the trash, it would stick, and then clicking it would pop open a Finder window already showing the contents of the particular folder.

    In 10.6 I can still drag the icon down into the Dock, but clicking just opens the grid/list menu, cmd-clicking bypasses the flyout and goes right into the parentfolder, and it's not until I opt+cmd+click that it finally opens right into the folder I'm trying to get to.

    Maybe it's just me, but that seems like an unnecessary complication... Just let me click the folder regularly and have it pop open. No extra keys, no annoying list/grid/fan flying out. Is there any way to adjust the functionality to do that?


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    It all depends how many items and folders you have in the dock folder you are trying to view, try merging them and it will list for you.

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    There could be some app out there that does it, but not one I'm aware of.

    That's the whole point of stacks, to save you from the need of opening a Finder window which you then need to close after opening the file you want.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Morgan19 View Post
    it's not until I opt+cmd+click that it finally opens right into the folder I'm trying to get to.
    Or you can right click (control-click if you don't have a two button mouse) and select Open in Finder from the contextual menu.

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