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    How can I view my connection speed in real-time?
    I'm using a MBP, 13", 2.4Ghz with OSX 10.6.7. I've recently noticed wild fluctuations in the speed of my internet connection; one second my upload speed will be 70kB/s, the next it drops to zero, then straight back up to 60 or so. This fluctuation is happening constantly. Is this normal?

    Searching for this topic resulted in lots of links to and the like; but that will only give me an *overall* connection speed. What I want to see is the speeds on a second-to-second basis. Opening Applications>Utilities>Activity Monitor and selecting the Network tab gives me a tiny little graph (see attached screenshot), but I was hoping for something that gives me a little more information to contact my ISP with if necessary.
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    Uploading to one place, multiple places, all places? Since you are uploading, you can't control what's happening on the remote site that might cause your upload to stall for a moment..that goes for downloading as well..


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