Hi, first time poster an relatively new mac user here.

I've had my Macbook Pro for a few months now and on the whole I'm pretty happy with it. My only big disappointment has unsurprisingly been bugs with the Microsoft software I needed! However there is one thing that bugs me that seems to be independent of Microsoft.


I regularly just put my laptop to sleep while I cart it around so that when I get to my destination everything is right where I left it. However if I've switched moved from one wireless network to another in this time all my open applications decide they have no internet connection anymore.

For example if Firefox is left open and I open the computer up all my tabs that were loaded still are, but if I click a link I get a check your connection page.

Quitting Firefox (or whichever application is having the issue) and re-opening always fixes it immediately, but it seems an irritating quirk.

Does anyone else have this problem and is there a workaround?