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    Mac OS X Screen Cracked! Please help!
    I was showing my friend my nerf gun on Skype, and i accidentally hit the screen and it cracked. The damage is small, on the upper black part next to the webcam, and although there is no internal damage and only a small crack at the top of the screen, my parents want it fixed. I was wondering the chheapest way to replace/fix it. I've heard that apple won't put it under warranty unless it was the computer's fault, so i thought you might have a better way to get around it. By the way its a OS X Snow Leapord. Thanks!

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    What kind of computer is it?
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    It is a OS X Snow Leapord (not sure what number), but the Genius said he could repair it for free. Thanks anyway though!

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    LOL! Well, OK then.

    This thread gets my vote for most interesting of the day.
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