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    Ok, so I've been looking everywhere and haven't found an answer yet. I am currently going through and changing all my icons on my iMac (OSX). It's been going pretty smoothly thanks to CandyBar, but I've run into a snag. I'm trying to change the icons for files like .jpg, .psd, .gif, ect. And so far I cannot figure out how to do it system wide. I've found a way to change the icon for each file individually, but not system wide. If it matters, these are the icons I want to change to: Browsing OS Icons on deviantART
    The icons are fine, they drop into CandyBar with no problems. But I can't find any way to apply them to every file type. Anybody got an idea?


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    That's quite difficult to do,
    In the Mac OS file's get linked to the appropriate application that can open them, and then it looks inside that application as to what kind of look that file has.
    For example a .PSD file will go into the Photoshop Application bundle and then use the icons that are specified in it.

    For example the standard .PSD icon file is here as a lot of others like .DNG icons, changing it would change the icons of all .PSDs on the HD.


    The standard .PSD is called PS_GenericFileIcon.icns

    So it is essentially a large hide and seek game to see where the respective icons are stored.
    .JPG, and .GIF are stored in the Preview App,
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