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    find command won't list keynote files
    I entered the find command in Terminal to look for all the keynote presentations that started with the number 2011:
    find . -iname "2011*.key" -type f

    but I got no results. The files are in there -- I can see them in the finder window. Can anyone tell me why it won't do this? If I just enter the command without '-type f' then it lists the files. Are keynote presentations not files or something?

    I'm in the correct directory as well

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    Probably because you're specifying the type. As I recall, iWork documents are actually bundles. In other words, they're glorified folders. Since they're technically folders and you're specifying the type "regular file", it's possible it's skipping over them. Try using type d. Actually, you can probably get away with excluding type altogether.
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