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Thread: Deleting photos from iPhoto

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    Deleting photos from iPhoto
    Why won't photos delete from my iPhoto?? When I highlight them to move to the trash, they don't go away, but they appear in my Trash. When I attempt to delete them from the trash, they go away, but remain in my Library. Also, photos that appear to have been deleted, leave a dotted line box that won't delete either. HELP!! I'm trying to free up some space on my Startup Disk. I have run Repair Permissions and that seemed to make deleting photos more difficult.

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    Try rebuilding your iPhoto Library. Press Shift - Option when starting iPhoto. You'll get a message about the possibility of losing data, but all it does is rebuild the indexes. After the Library is rebuilt, go back and delete the photos again, and afterward, empty the iPhoto Trash. Let's see if that works.

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    I didn't get the message about losing data, but whatever it did, it seems to be working!! WOO HOO!!! Thank you SOOO much!! I've been doing battle with this for MONTHS!

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    Highlight the photo/s you want to delete then hold the "cmd" key and press the "backspace" key, see if that works for you.

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