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    Apple Software Download shows very large download by just checking for updates
    Twice now when I have used Software Download to check if there are any Apple downloads, again last night, during checking (when the mb figures go up very rapidly) , and afterwards, I get an indication of extremely large downloads, ie >700mb, and upload of >50mb !
    I use an Orange UK 3G USB dongle, which measures download and upload useage, on a per session basis, and also since last reset of the counter.
    I think this is a very accurate counter for all other times on the internet.
    But for some reason, when I check Software Download for updated Apple software, I get these very large counts.
    I have checked with another counter I use, and I think it has increased by similar large amounts last night.
    There is no way I could have actually downloaded 700mb in my one hour session, my d/l speed at the moment is 0.34mb/s. (Usually 2.4mb/s)
    Do you think there is some sort of communication error ?
    Is this figure reflected in my chargeable mbs from Orange ? They cannot tell me this.

    I did download other small progs updates, AFAIK these showed correct d/l mbs.

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    Do you have "Download updates automatically" enabled? Check under System Preferences > Software update.

    I think if that is checked, it'll download in the background so you only have to install when you're ready…

    But here's an idea: you can also tell the system that you only want to run software update manually, so don't run it unless you know you're able to download the updates

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    I have done both, these days I check manually, as I am on unlimited 00:00 to 04:00 am, in both cases impossible very large downloads and uploads shown.

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