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Thread: Printing to PDF Cut Off on Bottom

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    Question Printing to PDF Cut Off on Bottom
    Running OS X v10.6.7 on a MacBook Pro.

    I have been using a cloud app in Safari v5.0.5 that allows you to print. When I hit the button and select the PDF pulldown window and choose "save as PDF" everything seems to work fine. I give my file a name and seems like it's okay. When I open the file I find that a fraction of an inch has been cut off the bottom of each page. I have changed the pulldown window from "Layout" to "Borderless Printing" but that hasn't fixed my problem. I have done a lot of searching but can't seem to find my answer. If anyone can anyone please help I would be grateful. Thanks so much.

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    I haven't seen that problem myself, but here's what I think it might be...
    In the application before printing, do a Page Setup. In "format for:," I think you have a specific model set - change it to generic/any printer.

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    its caused by some printer driver setting problem

    choose the 1st setting to any printer, or some other printer/fax and then proceed to save as PDF
    it should work fine,
    if you have no other printer listed, reset the printer setting or add another printer from system preferences
    the reason mine started cutting off was that i had low ink in one cartridge. its a bug to do with the printer drivers

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