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    Question Safari keeps crashing on me, help?
    This is my first time going somewhere like this for help but this problem keeps recurring and it is very annoying so I have finally given up and came here hoping that someone can help me....D:
    Anyways, safari keeps crashing on me and says I have a flash player plug-in problem? I don't know what to do about this, I tried updating my flash awhile ago but it didn't seem to work....I tend to leave my Mac on for long periods of time, I also don't think thats helping, is it ok to do that?
    I really hope thats all thats wrong with it, since my Mac is not even very old....

    I can send my error report too if anyone needs it.

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    Uninstall flash:
    Troubleshoot Flash Player | Mac OS,

    Disable any other addons/plugins you have from the Preferences pane.

    Restart Safari.

    Does it still crash?

    Re-install flash?

    Still stable/unstable?

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    Thank you very much, I will try this. ^ ^

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