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    Macbook pro deleted mac hdd but not windows partition??
    My Mac locked up yesterday so I had to restard with ctr-command and power button. Now my mac would only reboot into a gray screen, followed by a black screen that said boot-mgr is missing. I put in my windows disk and it took an hour and repaired that problem but now my mac will only go into windows and doesnt even know a Mac HD exits. I tried booting from external HD, but it still doesnt recognize my hdd.

    Other things you may want to know:

    1) ##I already reset PRAM, NVRAM, SMC....

    2) I am running standard Leopard mid 2009 macbook pro. I dont have my leopard install disk, but the guy from authorized service desk who didnt have one either was saying I might need to buy the 130 dollar full copy of snow leopard but he wasnt sure either. This would be because he thinks my HDD is completely erased and the upgrade version of Snow Leopard wouldnt do anything. Would this be true??

    3) I put in a friends copy of snow leopard to see if it would work and it booted up normally but then of course couldnt install it becuase its not authorized.

    4) I hope this was clear and of course any help is greatly appreciated.

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    so u partitioned a part of you mac to windows? and part mac?

    well this is where it gets tricky.

    If you put your original mac boot CD in and boot from CD, you should be able to run the macbook perfectly.

    make sure you boot from CD by holding "c" down until u see the apple logo with the circle thing spinning. after booting from CD, go to utilities and see what your harddrive says.

    Since you have a part partitioned to windows, your harddrive should be altered with a different HDD space.

    500gb HDD split to 200 for windows and 300 to mac, you should see the HDD as 300gb..

    So if everything looks good...then try repairing the mac side.. if that fails, reformat that side and reinstall...

    THEN, after doing that, after rebooting, you should be able to see a boot menue to choose which to boot to...

    IF that fails...i recommend reformatting the whole **** computer and reinstall mac and then bootcamp or whatever with windows.

    hope that helps.

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    you need those disks. you dont need the $130 dollar version, thats the boxed set with iLife etc. just grab the OS disks for $30.

    Lesson you have learned: Never do any partitioning or disk maintenance through Windows! Always use the Bootcamp Assistant to remove partitions, and Disk Utility for everything else.

    boot from your disk, then run disk utility and reinstall OSX. you may have lost your data. If there is still a chance of data recovery, remove the hard drive from the Mac, place in an external caddy, and connect to another computer via USB, and if you are lucky some of your Mac side's files may be there, but no guarantee. Back up your Windows files.
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