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    Transferring files/settings between Apple computers
    Dear Mac Forum,

    I have just purchased the new iMac and wanted to transfer my applications and settings from my MacBookPro over to the new machine.

    This doesn't work as I expect.

    Last September (when purchasing my MacBookPro), transferring files and settings from the previous iBook was a great experience. Everything got transferred, including documents, files, folders, applications, iTunes library, etc...
    My new iMac doesn't appear to provide the same straightforward service.
    When prompted, I did connect the machines via firewire and completed the migration according to the system.

    However, apart from the applications (e.g microsoft for mac, firefox and others) no 'data' as such has been transferred. No bookmarks in firefox and nothing from iTunes.

    I also don't have the hard disc icon appearing on my desktop as I would expect.
    I found a folder titled 'old mac', but it is empty...

    Please advise.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    I never use the Migration Assistant when transferring from an older machine to a new machine because of its limitations. It's always best to make a Time Machine backup of your old machine first. Then when you initially turn on the new one it asks if you want to transfer data from another Mac. Respond yes and make sure your external drive with the TM backup is attached. Depending on how much data you have, it may take a while to complete but when it finishes, everything will be transferred.

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