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    I was browsing through my All Images folder on my iMac and I noticed several files containing screenshots taken of me browsing several different websites on Google Chrome. I know I didn't take the screenshots so I'm wondering if maybe there's an App either for my iMac or my iPod (such as icamsource) that may be the culprit? I also fell victim to an email virus on my gmail account recently. My contacts, including my grandmother, were all sent adds appearing to have been sent from me for Viagra. Could the email issue somehow be linked to unauthorized screenshots of my internet browsing?

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    First, please read our Antivirus and Malware Sticky.

    You didn't fall victim to an email virus because there are none for the Mac. What likely happened is someone cracked your password to the account or one of your email correspondents who was running Windows has been infected. And now his\her machine is sending out SPAM and using your address.

    Delete or remove your old email account and create a new one with a strong password.

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