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    dropbox and app preferences
    hi all...i use two machines (a MBA and MBP) i use often in a given week. I was wondering if there was a way to have common applications share a common place for plists, etc. i am thinking Dropbox is a great place for this sort of organization.

    For example, i use Quicksilver for all sorts of tasks. I have some common triggers i use, but i find myself having to recreate them from machine to machine. I know that this app's prefs are held in ~/Library/Application\ Support/Quicksilver.... Is there anyway i can set this location to my dropbox. Or is this app specific? Both machines use the same username, so the paths "should" be the same. Thanks

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    You could use a symlink to place your pref files in your Dropbox. Some apps have built-in support for storing your files in other locations, I use it with LittleSnapper, Things, VoodooPad and 1Password.

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