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    Connect iMac to MacBook Pro via Internet??
    Hi Guys.

    I am in the Photography Industry.

    I have been operating off my Macbook pro for years. Yesterday I purchased the new iMac 27". Amazing by the way.

    I want to use the iMac in my home studio for all editing etc. However sometimes, I want to be able to access all the photo files etc and be able to open/edit/delete via the internet to my Macbook Laptop, whilst im on the road. I have set up file sharing so I can do this, however we have to be on the same network. ie: at home.

    So i guess my question is; Can my iMac hold everything and i just connect via the internet and open the files on my Macbook when I want to edit and save?? I don't mind buying Apps or software...

    Hope somebody can help me. Thanks Guys.


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    It's actually available from Apple with MobileME. See the following LINK.

    You'll want to download "Back to my Mac". Let us know if this works for you.

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    looks good. ill give it a go... thanks mate!

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    Speaking of which, I've been using "Back to my Mac (BTMM)" this week during my out of town business trip. Works quite well. Some highlights:

    -My iMac shows up under the shared column in the Macbook's Finder sidebar.

    -When I click on the iMac icon it allows me access to all the drives I set up to be shared on my iMac and all of their contents. All of this is directly from my Macbook's Finder. I had to log in the first time (iMacs user name and password) but after that it logs on by itself.

    -I can screen the share, meaning I can actually manipulate my iMacs screen (and mouse cursor), log in, log out, open Apps etc. The iMacs desktop just opens in a Window on my Macbook. This window can be scaled down so the iMacs whole desktop fits in one window or it will scroll around. This is because the iMacs desktop is physically bigger than the Macbook's (21.5 vs 13.3).

    -I have Photo-booth open on my iMac so when I log onto my iMac desktop I can see my office at home via the iMacs iSite camera. Freaks my wife out.

    -I discovered that I can print documents to my home printer from my laptop as well. All I had to do was turn on printer sharing (remotely from my macbook with screen sharing) and BTMM did the rest. I simply went to my Macbook's printer pref pane and added a new printer. It detected the network printer at home and added it. I printed a test page from my Macbook to my home printer and watched it come out of the printer at home via the iSite camera on the iMac.

    -There is some lag but I am in a hotel so you take what you get.

    For the record, I live in Southern California and I am on a trip in Eastern Virginia. The entire continent between me and my iMac is pretty much not an issue.

    BTMM is part of MobileMe (not a separate download), you just have to enable it on the computer you want to have access to but not the one you are accessing from (My Macbook's BTTM is off) and setup what you want shared (specific files, whole hard drives, network drives, printers, scanners, CD/DVD drives etc).

    So far this is THE single coolest use of MobileMe services I have found.

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