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    Unhappy Making dvds, jpegs get locked, why?
    Using Toast Titanium, I made a dvd of jpeg images from a wedding I photographed for a client.
    Although the "get info" panel shows the files are not locked,
    on the newly made dvd the images are locked. They can be seen, but if i try to drag to my desktop, i get the stop sign,
    (circle with a slash through it) and it won't copy.

    I've made 5 different dvds, cds, trying to vary things but still the same locked result.

    I'm using an iMac (2006) OS X 10.4.11.
    This hasn't happened in the past after years of making dvds.
    It doesn't happen on my laptop (PS X 10.6.) or Mac Mini (Intel).

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    PPC Mini, 10.4.11. Intel Mini, 10.6.8. MacBook Pro, 10.10.5. iPhone 3GS.
    Is this just a DVD with a collection of JPEGS that are accessed on a cmputer, or a slideshow to be played in a dvd player? If the former, have you tried burning the dvd in Finder?

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