Hello all, this is my first post to the site..but ive been surfing this site whenever ive had a problem an im hoping that you guys(and gals) can help me out yet again..i dont know what the problem is and i hoping i can get it resolved here, ive noticed in the past few months the whenever somebody a quotes around something instead of actually putting the quotes on it says "&quote;" the first time i noticed this it was on facebook, i remember thinking it was odd but i didnt really read into it that much, thought it was something to do with the html code on fb's website. but recently ive noticed that it is appearing all over the place on my computer. one example is on itunes. i regularly listen to podcast from a radio show where i live it shows up all the time when the quote something that was said in the description. does anybody know what the problem is and/or how to fix it. thanks in advance for your help