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Thread: Firewire Drive Won't Mount

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    Firewire Drive Won't Mount
    Hello all, thanks for considering my question.

    I'm running OSX 10.4.11 on a G5 tower (not Intel).

    Quicktime locked up the machine today, and I had to pull the power plug on the G5 tower to reboot.

    Now an external Firewire drive (which I had been using as startup disk) won't mount.

    Luckily I've been doing regular backups with SuperDuper, so not a crisis.

    I'm hoping to get the Firewire drive back, and seek your advice on how to get it to mount. I assume the problem is that I "put it away" incorrectly when I yanked the power.

    Once I get it to mount I know how to use Disk Utility to repair permissions etc.

    I really appreciate any advice you may be able to offer, thanks!

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    Do you have your original Tiger install disks? Use the install disk to boot the G5 and run Disk Utility direct from the disk to repair the FW hard drive.

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    have you tried holding option while restarting it. If you do that it will detect any bootable hard drive or CD

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    Iomega external hardrive won't mount on Powerbook 1/67ghz running tiger 10.4.11.
    System profiler recognizes it, but won't mount. Used it this morning....ok. forgot to dump in trash, turned off my compter, and now it won't mount up again.

    Tried disc utility too. I have all my stuff on it as I'm getting ready to upgrade to Leopard.
    Any help will be beneficial. Thnx

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