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    Question Best VPN/ Privacy Service For Mac OSX?
    I'm a newbie to the forums here, and figured I'd start out with a question I have been researching and coming up empty over.

    I have been hacked several times over the past month. Most of these started out with a hijack of my router and IP. SO I want to subscribe to a trustworthy VPN service.

    I started out with I cancelled when I realized they use the same 2 IP addresses and I was getting blocked from places like Myspace and Wikipedia because apparently someone else on the same IP was using it for nefarious reasons.

    So, I started researching and the mixed reviews (and reading also that they pay customers to leave positive reviews) leave me not feeling so great about them either.

    I desperately need some feedback regarding opinions on VPN services. I just want to block my IP and have more of a safety net against potential hackers. Some VPN providers apparently create MORE of an opportunity for hackers and I have read some nightmares about "honeypots" etc. I just want to block my IP address safely and I don't mind a paid service.

    Anyone using anything they are happy with? Something easy to set up on Mac Snow Leopard that is trustworthy? Any feedback at all on VPN is appreciated, as I know very little about it and I have read different opinions regarding them.


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    IMO, you're better of getting a newer and more secure router. The hardware firewall is your best defense. If people were able to hack your router, that's the first thing you should replace.


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    I researched this a few weeks ago, nearly made my head explode with info

    Check out this list. I think thats the best of the VPN lot.

    I use Mullvad when I do need VPN in pubic wireless connections.
    Service seems to be good and stable and they have answered my emails to them, and I like the pay by month as you need it option.

    You want to use the OpenVPN protocol if possible as well, PPTP vs L2TP vs OpenVPN -
    OpenVPN comes with the OS, but it's command line based, you can use a GUI Wrapper though. Download Viscosity for Mac - Graphical user interface for OpenVPN.

    One more thing to consider, having the same IP as other people does have a benefit, it will be harder to someone to find the correct match to your real IP because a thousand others have the same VPN IP. But as you said, it can get you blocked from sites because others use it for malicious purposes.

    This place is a goldmine for a lot more info, but gives you the impression real quick that you cannot be 100% hidden online. Which is probably true when the government is out for you
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    Not to be rude, but I'm not buying this.

    I can fully believe somebody could hack a router -- too many people leave the default admin config set up so that's childishly simple to do.

    But "a safety net against potential hackers?"

    You're on a Mac. You can stop worrying now.

    "I just want to block my IP?"

    Call me a cynic -- I might be one -- but this story is VERY like what I'd cobble together to get info if I wanted to be an "internet creep" against someone or some site but didn't know how.

    On the chance that I'm wrong, Hotspot Shield meets all the requirements you say you need, but wouldn't help you much if you're trying to do something naughty. And you can try it out free to see if it works for you. That's as far as I personally am willing to go, sorry.

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    I hope Fauna27 found something that works. I've recently experienced Hotspot Shield Elite using a 15" Macbook Pro running OSX 10.8.4 (Mountain Lion) and found it created problems. First, it affected Mail and wouldn't let me send any emails and it slowed things down to dial-up internet speeds (or worse). Although a little more expensive, I've taken to using either my own USB wireless modem or portable wi-fi device.

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