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    New Mac user, reinstalling screw up
    Hey guys, I'm glad to be finally apart of the Mac community. I recently bought a Macbook Pro off of a friend that was about to travel over seas.

    It's a mid 2010 with 2.66mhz and a 500hd. I'm not really sure how to pull up the other specs.

    Well this is my issue and realized I screwed up after it was late.
    I saw that the Macbook had some of his information still on it, and while playing around and getting the better feel for a Mac, I really wanted to get everything back into Factory settings.

    So I downloaded the retail copy of Snow Leopard OSX 10.6 and used the Disk Utilities to burn the .dmg onto a DVD.

    When I put it in I started to reinstall the OSX 10.6, but when it came to the end where it said I needed to turn restart the Macbook, I would shut it down by holding the power button, but when I press it again it would show the Apple logo show that it's loading but then tell me I would need to restart again. Then it's that same continuous screen. Plus my CD is stuck inside the drive I don't know how to eject it from this point.

    I would appreciate any and all help guys. I wanna go back to enjoying my Mac, it sucks working on my PC again, just got the hang of using command for everything.

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    Well, since it seems pretty obvious that you don't have an official version of OS X, that could be an issue, but it sounds like it didn't install properly.
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    It sounds like the installation did not complete properly. If you willing to spend $30 then pickup a genuine Snow Leopard disk at your local Best Buy or Apple store.
    You'll have to run some updates cause it's not the latest disk, but youll have a genuine disk then.

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    So I downloaded the retail copy of Snow Leopard OSX 10.6 and used the Disk Utilities to burn the .dmg onto a DVD.
    Sorry, no help for illegal copies of OS X or any other software. Discussion is closed.

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