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    macbook data erased
    HELP !!!!

    I went online late last night, no drama's,... opened my 2008 macbook this morning, and its as if i have logged into my macbook on a guest account ?!?!?! no photos, no music,.. its like a factory reset only i still have my programs ( photoshop, office 2008 etc) to be honest i dont really care right now if the bloody thing self destructed and set fire to its self all i want is the entire wedding album i shot for a couple AND HAVENT GIVEN THEM YET !!!!! what the **** has happened ? even my web history only goes back to logging on last night ?

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    have you renamed your user folder from the finder?
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    how would you do that ? ( cheers for the help)

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    sorry, ive read something about the mac renaming your home folder ?

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    Try searching the photo names in spotlight or finder or go to the tab on the sidedthat says past week/day/month.

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