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    HELP ! USB drive not readable!!
    I have a 4gb usb drive that worked fine at one point. I think I ejected it wrong and when I try to use it now, a prompt comes out with the following: The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer. Then it provides me with initialize, ignore and eject. When I initialize it takes me to disk utilities where I would be able to attempt and repair this disk. But when it goes to the disk utility page all of the buttons are grayed out. I am not allowed to do anything. I checked the info on the device and it reads the following:
    Name : SanDisk U3 Titanium Media
    Type : Disk

    Partition Map Scheme : Unformatted
    Disk Identifier : disk1
    Media Name : SanDisk U3 Titanium Media
    Media Type : Generic
    Connection Bus : USB
    USB Serial Number : 1738121618C02EF8
    Device Tree : /PCI0@0/EHC2@6,1/@2:0
    Writable : Yes
    Ejectable : Yes
    Mac OS 9 Drivers Installed : No
    Location : External
    Total Capacity : 3.7 GB (4,022,337,024 Bytes)
    S.M.A.R.T. Status : Not Supported
    Disk Number : 1
    Partition Number : 0

    I'm really freaking out, there is loads of important stuff on that drive that I haven't backed up in 2 months. Is there anyway where I can either reformat or get this drive repaired so I can retrieve my data. If anyone could please help, I would truly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.


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    If I were in your shoes, I would try attaching it to a Windows and a Linux machine to see if you have any luck that way. I've seen OS X be too quick to write off a corrupted disk before.

    Another option might be some data recovery software like Data Rescue 3:

    Mac Data Recovery, Hard Disk Data Recovery Software, Windows Data Recovery -
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