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    Exclamation Need Help to restore deleted Partition for iMac
    Hello everyone, i need help please on how to restore my iMac partition.

    Ok, here the story.

    I wanted to install window XP to my iMac. But for some reason it give me error when it at the disc boot screen. And at this time i don't know how to eject the disc. It was my first time using a mac. So then i keep trying and trying to the point that i though by deleting the partition hoping it will eject the disc. However, i accidently deleted the main OS partition and now i can't recover it. Even with the actual disc that come with the iMac it wont let me re-install to it original manufacture. I was hoping someone can help me restore that partition or explain to me on how to do so.

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    Hi and welcome to the forum Bobby

    Try this ;

    1 insert the DVD
    2 Restart the Mac and when you do hold down the 'c' key.
    3 Choose english as the Language
    4 In the top menubar click Disk Utility
    5 When DU opens click the HD in the left column then the erase tab middle top.
    6 Then where it says format make sure it reads Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and rename it as well while you are there. This is where you name the HD.
    7 Click the 'erase free space' tab.
    8 Once it has done its thing quit DU completely.
    9 it will now go back to the installer window and this is where you follow the prompts to install the new OS. It should only take 40mins or so.

    HTH some

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    Note: In order to use REMO for the Mac you have to buy the professional edition. Very costly. The standard edition does not recover lost partitions. And the URL in the previous post is for the Windows edition.

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