I have my cell phone tethered to my MBP with USB, and runs PdaNet just fine. Now, I would like to share this connection over my LAN, but I cant seem to reach the Mac's Internet connection from other machines. Here's a diagram...

Mac -> phone -> Internet
| (ethernet
Win (ethernet, DNS=Gateway=

I can ping from my Mac to my Win machine and vise versa.

In Ineternet sharing, I have the following...
Share your connection from "Ethernet Adaptor (en2) = PdaNet
To computers using: Ethernet
And, the "Internet Sharing: On" has a green light.
Yet - my Win machine can't surf the web.

Am I just wrong in thinking that the router should be the DNS and Gateway for the Win machine? I tried making the Mac the DNS and Gateway, but also no Internet. Suggestions?