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Thread: Cloning ??

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    Cloning ??
    Hello peoples,

    I have a question for you guys. Well, it's a somewhat multi-faceted question. As simply as I can put it: 1) what's the best cloning tool for creating "master" images to roll out to dissimilar hardware, and 2) what, if any, special considerations need to be taken to minimize headache and hassle when cloning an image to said dissimilar hardware ie. bizarre hiccups / inconsistent behavior that are coming about as a result of the cloning process

    any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


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    Closer than you think.
    Performa 6116 2GBSCSI 8MB OS 7.5.3
    OS X Server's system image utility.

    ASR (Apple Software Restore) is good too but requires much more knowledge.

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    That should be possible with most cloning tools though many find SuperDuper the easiest to use. Unless ASR is much more useable than the last time I tried it SuperDuper has it beat hands down there.

    I have not tried what you suggest but there are a couple of things that should increase the probability of success:

    1. Start with a clean install onto an external hard drive.
    2. When you update the base installation do not use Software Update. This could conceivably add components only used by that specific machine. Use the appropriate Combo Updater. Always use this type updater to update your clone.
    3. When you use your drive to restore a Mac always run Software Update after you have booted the system from its internal drive. This way you catch the updates for that specific machine.

    BTW when you make the initial clone make sure to boot from it at least once just to test things. I made a clone once that turned out to be useless when I needed it. At the login screen it refused to accept my password.

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    thanks a bunch
    You guys rock!

    Thanks for all your input. you have helped me tremendously.

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