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sforscarlet 04-29-2011 12:24 PM

Mac mini loses wired ethernet connection often and only effects web browsers
I have a mac mini hooked up to wired ethernet connection that frequently loses connection.

I have Airport turned off
My DNS Server is the same as my router (
IPv6 is turned off

The ethernet wire comes from my Netgear Router (WNDR3700) and the internet source comes from my cable modem (Time Warner).

I have another laptop hardwired through the router in same configuration (running Ubuntu Linux). Also, have my iOS devices that are on the network wirelessly (iPad and iPhone).

Only the mac mini is losing internet connection, and it is strange the that connection seems to only affect web browsers (I regularly use google chrome, but confirm that connection problem persists in safari and firefox browsers as well).

VMware Fusion I use for work maintains connection and doesn't drop, neither do my IM clients (Adium) nor Lotus Notes, VPN connection.

I don't get any warnings or messages from the computer that internet is lost, just a page won't load now and then for about 10 minutes, before connection again resumes.

I've had the system for about 5 months, and this problem started occurring a few weeks ago, but is now getting really annoying.

Sometimes the internet connection doesn't establish for a while and I can only get it back by doing a repair permissions on the drive through drive utility.

The randomness of it made me suspect a virus is at play, but ClamXav scans (with updated definitions) show no findings.

Anybody have any suggestions or help here? Looked through forums but can't find anything quite like this issue.

chscag 04-29-2011 02:04 PM

It doesn't sound like a connection problem but rather a DNS problem. Try setting your DNS server(s) to other than the default from your ISP. Chances are the is grayed out anyway.

Try using the OpenDNS addresses or the Google Public ones. (OpenDNS) (Google Public)

vansmith 04-29-2011 02:14 PM


Originally Posted by chscag (Post 1226862) (Google Public)

Google Public DNS servers are and (source) ;). Or is there a new one I don't know about (there could be, I'm having a forgetful day today)?

sforscarlet 04-29-2011 02:28 PM

Thanks for the suggestions. I've put those settings in and I'll see if the issue persists.

chscag 04-29-2011 03:19 PM

Van is correct. The address is a public DNS server but is owned by Verizon. It benches (here in DFW) a bit faster than the Google addresses which are in fact the ones Van listed. I knew there was a reason I was using it but had forgotten who it belonged to.

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