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    problems with win 7 / snow leopard boot camp
    Hi guys,

    I am having a little issue with my macbook which contains snow leopard and windows 7 with bootcamp. In particular i am finding that the windows operating system is struggling to control the mouse properly, it tends to flicker and get confused. i tried to update the drivers from mac os and it says that there are no support files available. I then realised that the windows boot camp is running version 2.0 whereas the osx version in 3.0 however boot camp did not allow me to update to version 3 on windows as it said the software was not meant for this computer. I am presuming that updating boot camp in windows will help me to resolve the dodgy mouse so if anyone could help me to figure out how to update it or to solve the mouse issue please let me know. many thanks.

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    Have a look in Start > Windows Update and see if there are any mouse drivers listed in there that could help you out, in fact make sure everything is updated in there.

    Hope this helps

    - Simon

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    unfortunately i have fully updated windows but there have been no changes to the trackpad response. thanks you your suggestion anyway.

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    You said your have Snow Leopard on your MacBook. However, if you installed Boot Camp and it's version 2.X, then it was likely installed from Leopard. You should still have the Boot Camp control panel item in your system tray (notification area) of Windows 7. It appears as a small diamond. Clicking on that should bring up the BC control panel item in Windows 7. From there you should have the ability to adjust mouse and trackpad.

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    I first tried BootCamp to run Windows, but found problems with that approach in drivers and inability to use Mac at the same time. Since then, I am only using VMware.

    Mac handles all of the UI behaviors (mouse included), and using the wonderful full integration mode, all my Windows apps run on the Mac desktop so I can use all 3 displays for both operating systems freely.

    For example, in the Mac, I click on an image, and up pops Photoshop, a Windows app, without the Windows desktop. Very nice!
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