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Thread: Saving space on Macbook Air

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    Saving space on Macbook Air
    Hey Guys,
    I'm getting a MacBook Air 128GB SSD as a travel laptop and am increasingly worried about the space limitations I'll have to contend with.

    I know that there is a way to do an install of Snow Leopard and shave some useless data out of it, i.e. (Laguages I'll never use).

    I did a little googling and searched the boards some, and I know I've seen an article before.

    Can anyone help me with this or have any other good ideas for saving space on my new mac. Thanks

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    My suggestion would be not to "clog" the SSD with videos, movies, ton's of mp3's, and ton's of photos. Not to say you shouldn't store any of these files on your MacBook Air...just be selective.

    Some folks feel they need to store their whole library (mp3's, videos, photo's) on their computers internal drive...and that just leads to a full drive.

    FWIW...I've had my MacBook Pro for about 2.5 years has a 160gig HD...and I've been "cruising along" only using 30-40gig the whole time.


    - Nick
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    - Almost full hard drive? Some solutions. Out of Space
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    Monolingual will get rid of unwanted languages:

    Plus you could always delete the 100s of printer drivers that you will never use.

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    The problem with Monolingual and any application that removes languages, is it may cause problems with other programs. Monolingual for example will cause MS Office to refuse to update - and there are other programs that it interferes with also.

    Follow Nick's advice.

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    Only keep applications that you use regularly on your machine. Everything else should go onto a portable external drive.

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