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Thread: what is normal kernel_task memory usage?

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    what is normal kernel_task memory usage?
    I've been noticing that lately kernel_task has consistently been taking up more more than 200mb of memory on my computer. I don't recall it doing this consistently before, although it's entirely possible it was and I wasn't noticing it.

    Is it normal for it to be at that level, not going down, while I'm using my computer? The only apps open are Chrome, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word. itunes, Self-Control, Finder, and Activity monitor.

    I've looked at other threads in this forum about kernel_task but I have no sense for what's considered OK and what's considered a warning sign for a larger problem.

    thanks in advance!

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    Here's an interesting read Kernel_task process taking up an inordinate amount of CPU | MacFixIt - CNET Reviews At least I thought it was interesting - but there's so much I don't know under the hood of OS X. There are quite a few interesting reads on kernel_task - but you almost have to provide a complete listing of not just what you're actively using - but everything installed - for others to start guessing at what could be causing an increase in the size of this process - assuming that's abnormal. That number seems low compared to many. I'm not on my Mac right now so I can't look.

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    kernel_task is at 267MB for me, sounds about normal for an OS I would have thought.

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