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    Apps hanging and trouble switching between apps

    I have a MBP from about May 2010, with 4gb RAM, 500gb hard drive (about half full), 2.3ghz dual core processor, running Snow Leopard with all the updates.

    Almost from the start, Iíve had problems with it, including the following:

    1. When I type in Textedit, Bean, Word or another word processor, it almost invariably Ďfreezesí after a short period (between a few seconds and a few minutes). The characters stop coming, the cursor stops moving, and if I click anywhere else on the page it often highlights and deletes the text. I can only force-quit it and reopen (I had to do it 6 times while writing this post).

    2. When switching between programs using cmd-tab or the dock, about 30-50% of the time the previous program becomes de-activated but the new one doesnít appear, even after waiting ages. Iíve resorted to setting my top-right corner in Expose to show Application Windows - it shows the application that i tried to switch to, not the visible one. If I then click on a thumbnail of the target app it usually (but not always) switches to that application. When it doesnít I can drag the window of the visible app to expose the target app underneath and click on the target app. As far as I remember that always works - but it takes a while if, say, I have loads of widows open in a browser which I have to manually shift.

    3. Apps seem to hang a lot more than they should. Even selecting an item in Finder, or highlighting the url in a browser, can take several seconds (sometimes it is ok though).

    The obvious explanations donít seem to work. It happens almost as much when using 20% of CPU and 30% of RAM as when theyíre nearly maxed out. (I use Menu Meters and iStat Pro as well as Activity Monitor.) the machine seems to get hotter than ideal - about 70C on average - but it happens when itís cool too. And it happens with many/all apps, not a particular one. Overall, it hangs much more than my crappy old PC which had 2gb RAM and a 1.66 GHz processor (though there are too many other advantages to the Mac to switch back).

    Any ideas? Iíve already tried a complete OS re-install.


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    If you've been having these problems since you got the machine I'd recommend taking it back to Apple, if you're lucky you'll get it into them just before your 1st year warranty expires.

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