I'm trying to set my Macbook Pro up to work with a printer that's hooked up to my Windows 7 desktop. When I try and print, however, I get one of two error messages, depending on whether I print as a guest ("NT_STATUS_ACCOUNT_DISABLED") or registered user ("NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE")

On the desktop I did the following:

- Enabled LPD
- Ensured printer and file sharing was enable under Advanced Sharing Settings
- Under Devices and Printers the printer is shown as being shared
- I tried disabling my firewall while troubleshooting

On the MBP I did the following:

- Set up the printer under Advanced Add Printer options using the following:
Type: Windows
URL: smb://PC-Name/Printer-Name
Location: Left blank
Print Using: Selected printer (Brother HL-5340D)

I also tried setting up using LPD/LPR using the same setup as above, but doing that resulting in the printer showing as "paused" on the printer list.

Any advice?