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Thread: Hard drive failure/recovery

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    Hard drive failure/recovery
    Hi there. I need something of an explanation for the scenario I'm about to describe, as well as next steps.

    I use a Mac Pro and had a 1TB Seagate hard drive recently "fail" on me. I'm trying to figure out to what extent currently. OSX had gotten into a funk of stuttering and needing to be hard restarted (even when booted in safe mode) until finally the drive just wouldn't boot anymore. In Disk Utility, the drive will only appear in the list of drives after it'd been removed from the tower for a while, though it still would not boot, and said it could not be repaired.

    So, I went out and bought a replacement drive and a copy of Data Rescue 3 to perform a clone on the drive. It finally finished this morning, after 16 days of "cloning" to the replacement hard drive. When I attempted to boot the drive, it did not work. It does not even show up in the list of drives it when booting with the option key pressed. The new drive does appear in Disk Utility, though it does not show up with the name I'd used to reformat it. Rather, it just has the default name of a freshly-erased drive. It also does not display any data about the drive in the Info pane, but does say that the drive is Journaled and bootable.

    Okay, strange... I switch on over into Boot Camp under a different drive and install MacDrive to see if it can be accessed this way. But, here it says that the drive is totally empty. And further, that it has not even been formatted!

    Now I'm just totally confused. What had this application been doing for half a month? My thoughts are leading me to believe that maybe there was not a hardware issue with the drive as I first suspected. Instead, perhaps some piece of boot data had been corrupted. I can't imagine that the cloning process did nothing. But what are the odds that it would have cloned the "bad" data as well?

    This is throwing me for a loop and I really need some help. Anything the community could offer is much appreciated.


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    Sounds like the Seagate was too far gone to be cloned effectively.

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    What version was that Seagate drive? If it was 7200.11 then you can blame Seagate for your issues. Either way, it sounds like the drive was past data retrieval time. Did you have any other backups?
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