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Thread: How much disk space does Panther use?

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    Post How much disk space does Panther use?

    I am wondering how much disk space OS 10.3 uses?

    Also, how much disk space is free after installing the basic G4 iBook apps (I think iLife, AppleWorks etc as well as Panther)?

    I am trying to decide between a 30, 40 or 60 gig drive. I'd like to have an idea of how much space is left for digital photos, games and mp3s etc.


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    Ive been happy with 60GB HD... my last two computers have had a 60GB HD, and if i never needed more I would just buy an external HD

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    Get the biggest drive you can afford. You will be glad you did later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rman
    Get the biggest drive you can afford. You will be glad you did later.
    Thanks for your replies...

    I am planning on doing that. I am looking for real world numbers to get an idea of how much space I have to work/play with.

    I'm going to try to look at a G4 iBook in the store this weekend (if there are around yet) to check the free disk space.

    Please reply here if you have this info might save me a trip!

    Thanks again...


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    They should be at a stroe near you, unless sold out. Call information the day before you leave confirm they have one and get them to hold you one back. That's what I did.

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    the panther install shouldnt take more than 2 gigs most .... it you do an archive and install itll need about 3 gigs since it keeps your old system folder, but you can delete it after installation

    i have a built in 60gb, plus an external with 160gb, plus an old apple 7200 with 30gb and im working on filling all of them. ive already filled over 100 gigs of all of it.. my rule on space (digital or physical) is that no matter how much you have, over time youll find a way to fill it.

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    i have a tiny 3 gb hard drive in my ibook (i know i am roughing it lol) and the panther only took about 1.5 gb for me (because I didnt' install a few applications, like imovie, isync, or xcode tools, since I wouldn't use them) but the top install is in the field of 2 gb, so depending on how large the files you work with are, any of those sizes should be good. but like 'rman' said, you should buy the largest one you could because trust me, I am definitely regretting my little 3 gb decision!

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