I have been using Dropbox to sync my applications' preferences, application files, etc. to keep all of the applications/files between my iMac and MacbookPro the same.

For example, I use a code editor called Coda. You can create profiles for each project you work on. I was getting frustrated that the profiles on my iMac and MBP weren't ever the same. So I found the file that Coda updates when a new profile is added (or changed) and created a symlink from that file to the actual file on Dropbox. I created this symlink on my iMac and MBP. Now, whenever I change the file on my MBP/iMac, Dropbox recognizes the change, uploads it, and downloads the file to the other machine. This is all working fine.

I wanted to sync more things than just Coda. I actually moved my entire Preferences folder into Dropbox and symlinked that. No problems (as far as I can tell). The next thing was I wanted to move all of the Mail and Calendar application files to Dropbox to the the same thing. This way, whenever I would move a message to a mailbox in Mail, it would update on both machines. The file is getting updated, and pushed to Dropbox, however, the other Mail isn't picking up the changes.

Any ideas?