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Thread: Reading aloud everything in a black box

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    Reading aloud everything in a black box
    I was playing an online game and my screen froze, so in a moment of frustration I started hitting keys randomly, I hit top row (all the F keys) then did shift, command and the top row again then a bunch of other keys all in hopes of getting the game to quit or minimize (as its a full screen game).

    Yes I know its was stupid to randomly press buttoms and click everywhere.

    The end result of my pressing random buttons and clickity clicking is now my computer speaks everything. There is a black bordered box and it will read everything thats in the black box. It doesn't matter the appication, for example right now its reading aloud everything I type.

    It gets better...
    I can not turn the volumn up or down, if I press those buttons other actions happen (ex:the louder volumn key brings up my widgets), so I have managed to mess up my keyboard short cuts
    My temporary fix is to plug in a headset.

    I need help please

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    You turned on Voice over. Pressing command + F5 will toggle that feature. Its also somewhere in the system preferences. You also toggled your functions keys. Pressing fn + whatever key you want will use the original purpose or to change it back to its original state go System Preferences > Key Board > and uncheck the box that reads use all F keys as standard function.

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